Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Cricketing Years: First Rejection

Like every other Indian, I am playing cricket since I was a kid. I saw myself in different roles in different stages of life. Some fascinating moments are still fresh in my mind. I am trying to put them in words.

First Rejection:
I stay in a Housing Society formed after some 15 professors of same institute came together to settle in my hometown, Karad. Then what could be more proper name other than 'Gurukul Colony' to our society? We had a group of 10-15 energetic boys always ready to do anything peeps in mind.

Normally there are seasons for playing specific sports. Like we played football in rainy days or swimming in summer. But cricket was always there every evening whatever may be the season. We played cricket in empty plots available in colony. We used to organise matches with teams from other areas in city. Prize money could range from Rs 5 to 20. Rs 20 match will be played with seriousness as if it was world cup final.

Those days I was recognised as specialist of none. I was better known for easily finding and bringing the lost ball. On a hot Sunday (or sunny day :-)) we decided to have match with other team from our own area, Vidyanagar. Both teams gathered on big college ground. Tension was visible on every face. I was also tense. But soon I realised it was not for the result of match.

We were 13 players from our colony. And as per rule 11 could play in Team. After selecting 10 obvious players Team management (means 1oth standard boys) had three equally poor choices for 11th player. Other two were Vijay and Bunty. Finally our Captain decided to go for better fielding criteria.

We three Vijay, Bunty and me, were standing in half circle. All of us did well in ground fielding. Then it was a turn for catching ability. Everyone was given only one chance. Vijay and Bunty fortunately got the sitters. And what a hard luck, I got a damn low catch. Obviously I was not able to catch. It was really difficult for any other player also.

But then captains decision was final. I had to watch the match sitting outside the rope. I had to see Bunty dropping another simple catch in live match. I was very disappointed. I still feel if not the best I was better than other two. I was not expected to bowl or bat, but was desparate to contribute . I cannot forget the moment that denied me from playing competitive cricket for first time.



At 4:53 AM, Blogger Joy Forever said...

Life's like that boss! You can't always expect to have things your way. I also had a big disappointment in class 7th-8th... but I'll write about it sometime in my blog.

At 3:28 AM, Blogger kadambari said...

so..did u pursue any more cricket after that??

did that rejection give you the passion to work harder???

At 5:39 AM, Blogger abhijit said...

yeah next posts are still in pipeline. :-)

At 4:42 AM, Blogger Prashant Dabholkar said...

nantar tar tula rejection nahi aala naa. first year laa ekda tu ek match khelala nahees tevha tula vayeet vatalele, mala athavat aahe.
Anyway mee majha blog change kela aahe


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