Monday, March 20, 2006

What the "boooo" means

It was not a surprise to me. People booing Sachin Tendulkar, The GOD. I won't criticise those who are real cricket fans, Mumbaikars for showing their displeasure after Sachin's awesome performance. Because we take him as GOD. Manytimes when you are passing through repeated disappointments you criticise real GOD too. But you won't stop worshiping. That is where newspapers like TOI need to understand junta mentality. I was not shocked by people behaviour and by TOI's article too, saying "Mumbai disowns Sachin". Making a mountain of molehill and conclude out of nothing has always been the habit of media now a days. How Mumbaikars can separate themselves from whom they loved every breath?

I am not a lawyer of Sachin Tendulkar. Ya, but I am afraid of those cricket fans who are ready forget the reason of effulgence Indian Cricket is having right now. I hesitate to recognize them as genuine followers of cricket. Had it been Dravid or Ganguly(only for cricketing reasons) in his place, I would have told the same thing. People are fastly forgetting the potential or talent for the sake of performance. Even if Sachin Tendulkar fails in 10 consecutive innings does it mean that MahendraSigh Dhoni or IrfanPathan who are making 50s are better batsman than him? No body can take his class out of him.

Its true that when one is playing a Team game, team needs are above individual records or needs. If we are playing with 5 batsmans it means that Sachin like any other batsman have to score sufficient runs so that Captain can go ahead with his strategy. If 3 batsmans out of 5 are failing then obviously they are not satisfying common goals. On performance grounds Sachin should be judged based on his recent innings and not his stature. Then team management is bound and free to put Sachin out of playing 11. But that can never deny the fact that Sachin is the one who infused art with aggression in Indian cricket. People are forgetting that they enjoyed cricket between 1992-2003 because of the gentleman called Sachin.

Compare Sachin with yourself. Yeah I mean it. Whatever the job you are doing or studying or housekeeping. Will your performance remain the same throughout as it was when you started with? I am afraid if you started badly. Treat him like a man. Ordinary people like us succumb to the pressure from our parents, teachers or managers. See yourself in his role and tell me that you can bear pressure of several million frantic, crazy cricket fans.

In recent times I have heard lots of irritating and mindless comments about Sachin. Being an avid follower of him I always get into fights with my friends who used to scold Sachin . Then I realised I cannot fight with everybody. But still whenever people threw any personal comment on him I was there to defend my GOD. Yeah but when they comment on his performance, I will wait for Sachin's bat to speak.

I strongly believe that this is the hype created and intensified by media with ultimate desire to print something sensational. Otherwise who could have thought of asking this rubbish and harebrained question Tendulkar or Dravid: Who is the greatest? . And all the time I am seeing TOI interested in such insane topics.

**In this article am answering those people who are questioning the standard, ignoring the diligence, and denying credit of Sachin Tendulkar. Not the current performance.


At 10:53 AM, Blogger Joy Forever said...

Brilliantly written... exactly my sentiments! I always considered Sachin as GOD. Yesterday's incident made me sad too!
Let me add that I feel any player's position in the team should be fixed on the basis of his current form and not what he has done in the past. Thus I can accept when people say that Ganguly is no good. But it makes my blood boil when they say Ganguly was never good. Same applies to Sachin. Mind it...I'm NOT comparing Ganguly and Sachin. I'm just comparing the public opinions. How can these newspapers forget the contribution of Sachin Tendulkar to Indian cricket?
As regards the crowd booing Sachin, I won't really blame them. People blame even GOD when their wishes aren't fulfilled. They booed Sachin only because they love him... they hate to see him fail. I will quote a line from Tagore: "...Shashon kora tarei saje, sohag kare je go. It means, "Only he who loves, has the right to punish". Here also, the booing was only a sign of the faith the Mumbai crowd still places on Sachin. Can Sehwag, Or Pathan or Dhoni draw that kind of booing from the crowd even by scoring ducks?

At 10:28 PM, Blogger abhijit said...

Thanks Sugata. "Only he who loves, has the right to punish" this sentence brings completeness to my thoughts.

Today Mumbai crowd is cheering sachin up. Mumbaikars proved my faith in them too.

At 11:51 PM, Blogger Deepak said...

As far as TOI goes , they are just trying to get more readers in.. We will forgive them.

As far as the Booing incident goes - It shows the passion to see Sachin come back.

As for Sachin - He is the Living Legend.Just as Dravid said the Pontings, Laras and Tendulkars are of different class ..

At 5:17 AM, Blogger kadambari said...

very well written..though i dunno watz happenin in cricket..i definitely dont like the sudden changes in the attitude of people or the media..jus bcoz..some one doesnt score in some random match..

people shud have more faith in their players & not jump to conclusions bcoz of one instance..
itz not correct to treat them like gods for one day..& booing the next day..

At 5:36 AM, Blogger abhijit said...

rightly said kaddu.

At 9:55 PM, Blogger Direct from Nitya said...

Dude... Its an awesome piece...I am not sure, whether we know each otehr but i m sure taht we share a common role model... He is GOD and will remain so..LONG LIVE SACHIN!!!

At 9:24 PM, Blogger abhijit said...

Thanks Nitya.

At 9:41 AM, Blogger Meghana Bhuskute said...

very well written.

I guess we can never thank him enough for what he has given us. But then we can never apologize enough for what we have made him face...

Buck up deserve a lot matured followers...


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