Friday, June 30, 2006

My Most Treasured T-Shirt

When I was @IIT Kharagpur, we always used to have intra-hall cricket tournaments. As name suggests those were played amongst hall residents and on the ground inside hall. I can not forget those breathtaking and closely fought(ya not played) matches.

Teams restricted to seven heads and mostly were units representing either close friends or regions or Wings in hall. So everybody was playing to preserve their reputation. Some team names for example: MaHaMagic, LTTE, B-West, Super7.

MaHaMagic was our team offcourse. Successively in two tournaments we reached to finals and lost to B-west team. We performed more than 100% of ours. Collective team efforts made us reach finals. And then it was like India lost to Australia in world cup -2003.

Grabbing 4 wickets out of 7 in one match I won a T-Shirt as a token. But our Sports secy, Gordhan was printing a Batsmans photo on back of the T-Shirt. I agreed to disagree. Then he handed the responsibility of finding a logo to me. I had exact picture of what picture I need on my T-Shirt. Only two bowlers I like in the world. Shoaib and Brett Lee. No need to stress why? Speed..Speed and Speed. (And offcourse no accuracy). And Shoaib fulfills requirements.

I must thank my friend shekhar , expert in autoCAD, for materialising my thoughts. I was paining to draw hollow outline of Shoaib's famous action for an hour or so. He came to my rescue and made it happen.

I keep this T-Shirt close to my heart(although I love what is printed on backside). I am never going to lose it.


Monday, June 19, 2006


No way. People love brazil because Brazil don't play football, they live football. Once Pele said, "Europians play football from their brain and south americans from their heart". This itself is the answer for why people like brazil. If you see the matches you will come to know that Brazil's play is full of art. They are strong in their moves, game plan. They have clear picture in their mind about what they are going to do in field.

If you observe the carefully you will find some major differences in brazil and other teams. First thing their player will be exactly in position where they are expected to be in field. Next, the nature of pressing the ball forward instead of crawling in own court. Brazillians are good in all departments of game like short passes, long passes, free kicks, corners, goalKeeper. Only concern is their defence. they look porous in defence but then if opposite side scores two goals brazil have ability to score more than them.

So not being partial to Brazil for any other non-football reason I won't hesitate to say that Brazil is not overhyped.

By defining love I am not going to confine it in few hard and fast words. As per my understanding, love is a very subtle feeling. When I searched for meaning of word "subtle" in dictionery it returned following meanings:
1.Be difficult to detect or grasp by the mind
2.Faint and difficult to analyze
3.Able to make fine distinctions
4.Working or spreading in a hidden and usually injurious way(?)

I think these are self explanatory. If not perfectly, at least it suggests approximate context of love depending on individuals. Our teacher used to say, "Love is spontaneous emission of highly emotional radiations from one heart to other." But with time I learnt that love is not spontanious. It is well understood and dedicated feeling. I say dedicated instead of commited. Because in one of discussions with my friends concluded saying, "Commitment may come even if you don’t like the job/wife. But for dedication you must like it. That’s your incentive… you get satisfaction from doing it well. As you said, it’s the outcome of inspiration."

Other thing which I realised just now is love teaches us to make fine distinctions. Earlier I used to say 'Those who are in love or claim to have found true love cannot hurt any one espacially their parents'. But then making subtle distinctions in roles we have to play is an art. And it depends a lot on understanding of counterpart too.

Caring each other is the one which make us feel or discover love. Trust and Ego are two sides of a coin. "S/he must trust me ". or "trust must be there" attitude can hurt the couple beyond repair. Because you will not be in mood to forgive even a silly mistake by companion. By being caring trust automatically comes. Trust is needless to ask or remind.

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