Friday, January 05, 2007


Life is full coincidences these days. Unexpected, unforeseen but delighting. Let me explain. When I came to Hyderabad, being homesick, I use to search for people from Karad, my hometown, who are in Hyderabad. And I met Amol through orkut. Amol and I decided to meet on some weekend in Hyderabad. We were in good touch but could never meet in person. One day he mails me that he got transfered to Pune. I just left the thought of meeting again. To my goodness, when I went to appear for SNAP exam to Pune, I saw Amol too at the same exam centre and in the same exam hall as of mine. Well out of thousands of people appearing for the exam, he was one of those 20 (lucky) people sitting in my exam hall. We people call it a coincidence, for almighty GOD it is routine.

On another day in Hyderabad, I had sumptous dinner with two of my office colleagues. While coming back at one corner our ways parted. We were discussing something. I decided to continue walking till their home and not to leave just for the reason that I could leave as my house was nearer. So we continued the topic and around 11.30 in the night I was coming back to my shelter. While returning, singing a old KishoreDa's song, I noticed a familier face crossing me. I felt I have seen him somewhere. Then I recalled that he was one of my IIT friends, Satish. I rushed to him and asked,"Were you in IIT KGP?". He said, "Yes". And by that time he too recalled that we were staying in one hall. It's always a pleasure to meet somebody hum-alma mater. A small decision to accompany my friends till their home awarded me catching up with an old friend. We people call it a coincidence, for almighty GOD it is routine.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Inspiring nothing

I felt awefully distressed to see what I have seen. I don't know why I read it. The best way to tackle any problem is to not know the problem. It was IIM A s PGP shortlisting criteria. I lost my composure and was almost crying for those who appeared for CAT with full of their preparation, pertinence and patience. I do not need to explain anything.

See this:

"A total of 280 seats are available for admission to the Post-Graduate Programme 2007-09 of IIM Ahmedabad. The break-up of 280 seats for various categories of students is given under:
General - 192, OBC (6%) - 17, SC (15%) - 42, ST (7.5%)- 21, PWD (3%) - 8."


“Please note that the cut off for short listing SC/ST/PWD candidates for group discussion and personal interview would not be less than 17% score in each of the three sections of CAT-2006 and no less than 25% score in aggregate. For other categories, it would be no less than 25% in each of the three sections and no less than 33% in aggregate. The actual cut-offs used for shortlisting, however, may be higher than the above mentioned percentage scores and would depend upon the performance of candidates in CAT-2006.”

Category-wise, the number of candidates, who met these criteria in CAT 2006, is as under:

General : 3431
OBC : 174
SC : 168
ST : 20
PWD :14

Please note that there are only 20 candidates in ST who are qualified.

Now : Category-wise Short-listing Criteria and Number of Candidates called for Group Discussions and Personal Interviews
1. General Category candidates: Out of qualifying candidates, who applied for PGP of IIMA, 608 General category candidates were short-listed. Candidates, whose percentile in each section was above 95.33 and who have an overall percentile above 98.3, have been called for the GD&PI.
4. ST Category Candidates: Out of candidates, who applied for PGP of IIMA, all 20 ST category candidates, who met minimum cutoff requirement, were short-listed for the GD&PI.

After qualifying through a minimum criteria of 33% or so, a general category student have to pass criteria of 98.3 percentile to get a call for GD PI. In the same place an ST candidate will get call for GD PI with only 25%.

So my one friend from general category with 99% is not getting call from IIM and another friend from ST category with 25% is getting call. Wah!!!! Is that the future we are looking for? Where are we heading for? How one can grow bigger by pulling others down? Where is the system in it? How does it justify conducting a so called COMMON admission test if people are going to be judged by their caste instead of score?

If somebody is going to get hurt after reading this, oops!!! I really do not care.

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