Thursday, July 05, 2007

Identity crisis

Ohh..congrats!! Sunita did land safely. That's great. I feel great to see somebody of Indian name achieving milestones. Just indian name? What abhijit so illiterate and so rustic you are? You don't even know that she is of Indian origin. Oh really. I never knew it before she took off for mission.

A loooong list of names passed in front of me. Some indian born but flourished in other countries and some totally foreigners(some call them NRIs). Mostly both had US (predominently) citizenship. We do take pride in saying them of indian origin. I am not going into details about what they would have been if they were in India. I am also happy to see them growing.

My only question is do we take ownership of those indians or people of indian origin who are involved in bomb blasts, terrorist activities, frauds etc ?. Please see these links 1 , 2

They haven't mistaken their identity. Its we who are suffering from identity crisis.

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